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Image Collections and GIS Spatial Data

Digital image collection
The Faculty is contributing to an internet collection of digital images (FADIS) in collaboration with several other Canadian universities. To enter this database, please see Anita for the password. These images may be downloaded for academic use.

Slide images
Students may use the Architecture and Planning slide collection (approximately 25,000 images). Many of them have been digitized and are accessible through FADIS. To search the complete database of images, go to ImagesArchPlan.

ARTstor offers over 1 million high quality digital images in art, architecture, and archaeology that can be downloaded for academic use. If you access ARTstor from a Dalhousie computer or if your laptop is registered with Dalhousie, ARTstor will give you full features. Click on Enter Here. You can also register with ARTstor to obtain your own account that will work from off-campus. Note: ARTstor is not compatible with Google's Chrome web browser.

Other image sources
The Sexton Library provides links to other image sources: freely available online collections (including the Great Buildings Collection), collections created by Dalhousie University, and paid-subscription image databases.


GIS spatial data
ArcGIS geospatial data sets for Halifax Regional Municipality and other locations in Nova Scotia are available through the university's GIS Centre. Industry-standard software includes ESRI ArcGIS 9.1 (ArcInfo version) and AutoCAD, available on all lab computers running Windows operating systems. Mac users typically request data conversion to CAD format for use in applications such as VectorWorks, Illustrator, and SketchUp.