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Workplace Safety Framework

Download the Faculty's Workplace Safety Framework.

Download: Studio Rules
Model Shop Rules
Design Build Rules

Safety Related Forms:
Form 4A | Student Travel Information
Form 4B | Student Acknowledgement of Risk for Off Campus Activities
Form 4C | Certificate of Insurance
Form 4C | Off-Campus Activity Information Sheet and Risk Assessment
Form 4E | Sample Letter of Understanding

Safety coordinator: Emanuel Jannasch, 902-225-4717, Room HA-31
Dalhousie Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Nova Scotia Health and Safety

Woodworking shop

Work Safety
Safety is a shared responsibility:
Within the Internal Responsibility Framework in Section Two, students, staff and faculty share responsibility for workplace safety; whether you are an experienced teacher or a new student, the key person in this arrangement is you. All of us are required to inform ourselves and to act on our knowledge.

Studio Rules
Studio Rules

Fire Safety
1. No smoking anywhere in the building.
2. One portable partition per person on the studio floor. No curtains or solid partitions under the mezzanine which interfere with the passage of light and movement of air. No permanent partitions or locked enclosures.
3. The fire lanes in the studio must be kept completely clear at all times. pay attention to alarms. Be aware of evacuation procedures.
4. Do not obstruct sprinkler heads. Do not prop open fire doors.
5. No soldering irons, torches, or heating elements in the studio. Power tools may not be used in the studio.
6. Bicycles must be left outside the building.

Work Safety
7. To avoid repetitive strain injury, be aware of your egonomic position and supports. When working late, take breaks for food and exercise to remain alert.
8. Beware of thieves in the building; keep your locker locked and do not leave valuables unattended.
9. Aerosol sprays may be used in the attic spray room only, not in the studio or the stairwell. In the event the spray room is out of order, all spraying is to be done outside, protectig the asphalt from overspray.
10. Sharps (exacto blades, broken glass etc.) must be disposed in designated container and NEVER PUT into the general trash.
11. All accidents which result in injury must be reported to the Dean's Office using Form 4F: Accident Report, and if urgent, by phone to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Respect and Consideration for Others
12. If you make a mess, clean it up, eh?
13. No plaster, cement or concrete may be mixed in the studio. Use the Construction Lab downstairs.
14. The Green Room (HD4) is used regularly as a classroom, so projects and materials may not be left there.
15. If you listen to music, use earphones to avoid disturbing others.
16. Keep foo items in a sealed container to discourage furry predators.
17. Alcohol is not permitted in the building, except at special events with a liquor permit.

Exhibition Room
18. Use Fall Protection procedure when working at heights over 3 meters.
19. The large partitions may not be turned on their side.