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Student Portfolios

These links enable potential employers to view job search portfolios by co-op students. Portfolios in PDF format may be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Undergraduate students (BEDS)
Current work term: August to December 2014

Steven Addison portfolio
Nahla Aldhobaib portfolio
Sarah Bercu portfolio
Alastair Bird portfolio
Kate Checkeris portfolio
Matvei Chutskoff portfolio
Marc Dainow portfolio
Matt Davis portfolio
Sarah Donaldson portfolio
Jason Gautreau portfolio
Kristen Holmlund portfolio
Erika Hornquist portfolio
Asif Hossain portfolio
Jordan Jones portfolio
Jane Kelly portfolio
Matthew Kijewski portfolio
Celine Kobenter portfolio
Samantha Lai portfolio
Sean Lamb portfolio
Zheng Li portfolio
Nicholas Lischka portfolio
Elijah Lukac portfolio
Eric Macdonald portfolio
Adrienne Macintosh portfolio
Daniel Maj portfolio
Shalini Makdani portfolio
Nathan Merrithew portfolio
Elijah Montez portfolio
Cristien Murphy portfolio
Smruthi Patel portfolio
Matt Reynolds portfolio
Abbey Smith portfolio
Daniel Smith portfolio
Ashton Stare portfolio
Kevin Tang portfolio
Stephanie Tran portfolio
Alex Vanderlee portfolio
Samuel Walther-Battista portfolio
Mark White portfolio

Graduate students (MArch)
Next work term: January to August 2015

Andrew Carruthers portfolio
Carrie d'Entremont portfolio
Meredith Innes portfolio
Zac Jardak portfolio
Kaitlyn Labrecque portfolio
Katelyn Latham portfolio
Megan Lloyd portfolio
Lauren McCrimmon portfolio
Mahsa Shobbar portfolio